Prasad V. Potluri Siddhartha Institute of Technology

  • started BASIC LEVEL YOGA COURSE in our college,we conducted Yoga Theory,Practical’s and bandhas,mudras,pranayamas,Kriyas & 31 students participated in this course and successfully completed.
  • 15 students of our college participated in The Krishna District Yoga Champion ships. Out of them, We got 10 places in four categories i.e., 17-21 and 21-25 age group boys and girls. Our students achieved Ist place -1, II nd places -2, III rd places – 4, IV th places -3.
  • 10 students of our college participated in A P State yoga Champion ships which are held at Tirupathi from 9-9-17 to 12-9-17. We got two places V th(N.Avinash-2nd ece) & VIth PLACE(k.Sri Syam saran-2nd cse) and they participated at ALL INDIA NATIONAL YOGA CHAMPIONSHIP,GHAZIABAD,DELHI.
  • Five girl students(A.CHINMAYEE SREEJA-3RD EEE,M.MADHAVI-2ND IT,K.VIJAYA LAkSHMI-2ND CSE,U.GEETHIKA-3RD MECH,P.KOMALI-2ND IT) of our college were selected in JNTUK YOGA COMPETITIONS in this year. They participated in All India Inter University yoga competitions at Bhubaneswar.




  • (For all Students, Faculty, and Staff)

  • Advance Asanas, Pranayamas, Kriyas, Bhandhas,Mudras, and Advance Meditation.

  • For 1st,2nd students,Ist & 2nd year M.B.A students
  • Importance of Yoga and Meditation:

  • Yoga is a sanskrit word which was derived from Sanskrit "yuj"

  • It means connection, joining or union of body, mind & soul.​

  • The most common problem faced by every one in today’s world is stress and over anxiety.

  • This stress is faced by people of almost all age groups especially middle age groups.

  • The adverse effects of the stress is high blood pressure

  • It ultimately drives the patient to Heart stroke, Brain damage,diabetes.

  • Recently they find out Lungs cancer also.
  • Benefits

  • Yoga helps to maintain the healthy functioning of the internal organs

  • To cure many diseases except HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, SUGAR AND HEART PROBLEMS

  • These are chronicle diseases so there is no cure

  • It will be kept incontrol unless and otherwise regular one hour yoga practice

  • Yoga Aims at developing concentration, memory power, will power and self confidence.

  • Dullness will never approach a person who practices yoga

  • It Brings glow in the face and can become active in doing any activity.

  • Good Health can be achieved by regular practice of Yoga & Meditation.