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"That perfect tranquillity of life, which is nowhere to be found but in retreat, is a good library. -Aphra Behn"

About Central Library

The Central Library is one of the important facilities of Prasad V Potluri Siddhartha Institute of Technology as it caters to the information and research needs of faculty and students. Originated in the year 1998, it has about 51663 Volumes of Books and about 455 Back Volumes and Periodicals. The college regularly subscribes to 150 Specialized Journals and Periodicals of which 10 are Foreign Print Format Journals. Library has been subscribing On – Line Journals also.

The Library has over 2465 Volumes in the Reference Section, advancing the Institute’s Mission to empower the students with technical knowledge and qualitative research. It is being developed to meet the needs of the doctoral candidates in future. A Book Bank is developed with a collection of 4481 books for the students of the socially underprivileged sections. Every student is expected to respect the privacy of others by following the rules of conduct. The library follows open access system, encouraging the user to browse freely in the stock area.

Standard text books and books by authors of repute in all the fields of Engineering, Management, Science and Humanities are stocked. The college strives to provide access to great number of books to a large number of students by obtaining multiple copies of prescribed books, on the suggestion of the faculty. Students are not likely to be handicapped for want of reference material at any time. Thus, the Library is a gateway to information as well as a comfortable place for Research.

All the staff and students have account in the library and they can access by using the following link:

PVPSIT Central Library is kept open for its users on all working days

  • Monday - Saturday : 8 A.M. to 8 P.M
  • Sunday : 9 A.M. to 12 P.M
  • Vacation : 8 A.M. To 6 P.M

Library Holdings Particulars Library facility available as on date
1 No. of Volumes of the Books 51663
2 No. of Titles of the books 11106
3 No. of National Journals 106
4 No. of International Journals 10
5 Periodicals / Magazines 39
6 Area of Library 720 Sqm.
7 Seating Capacity 175
8 Reprographic Facility Available
9 NPTEL Video Lessons Available
10 Video Lessons of World Class Universities on all Engineering subjects Available
11 Project Reports (Submitted by the Students) 1690
12 CD-ROMs 4482
13 Journals/Magazines Back Volumes 455
14 e-Journals Subscriptions IEEE, ASCE, ASME, Elsevier Science Direct, DELNET, IESTC e – Journals Packages, J-GATE Engineering & Technology
15 e-Books Subscription-1 Packt subscription having resources more than 5000 e-Books and Videos (for access contact Librarian, PVPSIT) URL:
16 e-Books Subscription-2 Pearson Subscription (for access contact Librarian, PVPSIT) URL:>
17 e-Books Subscription-3 Nlist Digital Subscription (url: Nlist URL:>

Digital Library

Well equipped Digital Library provides access to many of the knowledge networks around the world and aides the users to obtain online scientific, technological databases and journals. Students can access information regarding GRE, GMAT, IELTS and TOEFL, and can practice tests. Three systems are provided for Housekeeping purpose and one for maintaining Library Database.

Delnet - Library Network

The Library has membership for DELNET (Developing Library Network, New Delhi) and can access 5380 libraries of bibliographic databases and periodicals throughout the nation and some of the SAARC countries. DELNET aims to collect, store and disseminate information besides offering computerized services to users. It is very much useful for students, Researchers and Faculty members in resource sharing through the Inter Library Loan and document delivery facilities at the national and international level.

STAFF Name Designation Qualifications
1 Sri M.V.Sekhar Assistant Librarian M.A.,MLIS.,Mphil.,LMISTE.,LMILA.
2 Smt. N.Tanuja Assistant Librarian M.A, M.LISc.,
3 Smt.G. Neelima Assistant Librarian M.A., M.LISc
4 Sri.V. Venkateswara Rao Office Assistant M.A, M.LISc.,
5 Sri. A. Suresh Record Assistant B.A.
6 Sri.J. Kotaiah Attender B.A.


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