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Dr.B.V.Subba Rao,Prof & HOD, IT Dept obtained 2 patents for his inventions "Drainage Overflow Monitoring System and a method for the same" & "Life Spanners" from Intellectual Property India,Government of India,New Delhi-110075.

Mr.S.Sai Kumar,Assistant Professor,IT Dept obtained a patent for his invention "Secure Cashless Transactions by using Biometric Authentication Method" from Intellectual Property India,Government of India,New Delhi-110075.

Dr.B.V.Subba Rao,Prof & HOD, IT Dept recieved a grant of Rs.6,00,000/- from DST,New Delhi for conducting a two week Faculty Development Programme on "Big Data Initiative"


Our assets
Open Source Lab

Open-source software (OSS) lab is window to explore linux platform.

OOP's Lab

This lab emphasis on object oriented programming concepts


Integrated development environment lab provides comprehensive facilities for software development.

Application Development Lab

Application development lab facilitates building sophisticated web, business, and mobile applications.

Programming Languages Lab

C,C++ and Java application development lab

Database Systems Lab

This lab focus on database designing,strctured query language and plsql

System Components Lab

A center for computer system components.

Installation Lab

This lab facilitates to learn operating system installation.


The Mission of this lab is Great Minds at works to implement innnovations.

Projects Lab

This lab facilitates to develop "IT" projects.

Mining Tools Lab

In this Lab Students implement their B.Tech Projects


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