This kind of online sessions helpful to prepare the students for the corporate challenges and professional success by imparting  training in many Technologies like MIT App Inventor for Building an Android Apps,HTML,CSS,JAVASCRIPT,PHP,JUSTIN MIND TOOL and many more..

It is true that majority of the students find it difficult to measure up to the rigorous selection process due to the deficiency in Technical skills and Communication abilities. To rectify this deficiency the APSSDC gives training program for all the Engineering and Non-Engineering students and provide the Course Completed certification and also provide the Job-Guarantee program Facility to encourage the students in Developing the E-Governance projects and Android Apps for Society usage.

During the SDC program go to meeting sessions, the students attended regularly in keeping the view of coordinator instructions delivered by APSSDC and acquire the abundant knowledge and skills in reference to corporate industry. In connection with the program all 35 students doing their projects to following the guidelines by APSSDC.Among those 8 project batches, some of the projects are GSEARCHING in Android with mash up, Online Hall Ticket Generation System for Autonomous Colleges, Instance Feedback in Colleges and many more. So far 5 members are enrolled in Job Guarantee program and still the Registrations are going for the students who are took part of this program.

Speaking in the ceremony Mr.B.Chandrakanth, Techfort IT Hyderabad, Specially appointed from APSSDC as a Trainer, said that the motto of APSSDC Corporation is to make the students understand and measure a few concepts and associated skills that are necessary for becoming employable, with a desire to satisfy both professional and employer needs. This kind of Training Programs bring out the hidden potentials of the students and it gives the students a foretaste of the corporate life which demands smart work culture coupled with professional attitude and behavior.
Speaking on the occasion Mr.D.Sivaiah, Mobile App Development Trainee from APSSDC Hyderabad, said that the Vision and Mission of APSSDC is to be among the best in Skill development globally 2025 and to Skill 20 million people in 5 years for meeting Skilled human power demands of all missions and shape AP as the Skilled-workforce and knowledge for the world. While addressing the galaxy of student he said that this kind of Skill-based program gives to make the dreams of the students come true, these workshops takes a forward step in the direction of realizing their ambition.
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