Prasad V. Potluri Siddhartha Institute of Technology

The institution policy for promotion of research

          Research is a vital activity to enhance professional development, academic credibility and teaching-learning aptitude. The main objective of R&D Cell is to encourage faculty to undertake research relevant to the societal needs and industry. In-turn, the cell expects faculty to generate funds for supporting their research activities; publications in Scopus or SCI journals; establish research units; and develop research capability instudents.

           The R&D Cell is run by a research committeeto plan, execute and monitor the research activity progress for once each quarter of a year.

          A financial reward is offered to faculty members for publishing research articles in the leading indexed/refereed/peer-reviewed international and national journals. The R&D Cell also encourages Doctorates and Masters’ holders to actively participate in the research on cutting-edge technologies that lead to quality publications and patents.

          The institute promotes advanced, applied and interdisciplinary research. Faculty members are encouraged to apply for internal and external funding for their research projects/ seminars/ conferences/ FDPs and workshops periodically.

          The Research and Development Cell is committed to nurture R&D culture in the institute by promoting research in emerging and challenging areas of Engineering and Technology.


  • To create awareness of various opportunities in R&D
  • To undertake research projects offered by agencies such as ISRO, DRDO, CSIR, DST, AICTE, UGC, etc.
  • To guide the faculty to get funds for conducting Seminars/Workshops/FDPs from various funding agencies
  • To offer financial support for innovative research by faculty and students and for participating in National/International Conferences, Training programmes, Tech-Festivals organized by reputed institutes (IITs/NITs/Universities)
  • To oversee the Ethical Code of Research for responsible practice and qualitative research
  • To provide infrastructural facilities and create conducive environment to inculcate research in emerging areas
  • To assist the students to apply for funding to conduct research under student project scheme to organizations such as IEEE, IEI (I), etc.



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